Conference: Spiritual Alchemy – Transformations of Mind 2017, invitation

The incredible and intriguing Cracow Occult Conference returns! After the great success of the previous edition of the conference, dedicated to Spiritual Alchemy, we would like to invite you for its next edition.


In the very heart of the magical city of Cracow, at the foot of the Wawel castle, we are pleased to host our well-known and loved magicians, occultists and witches from all-over Europe.

We invite you for a mind transforming experience,

ON 20-22 of October, 2017.


krakow konferencja

We chose Cracow as the place for our conference – the choice was not a random one. Cracow is a city that joins history with magic. It is here, at the foot of Wawel castle, where, as it is believed, you can find one of the greatest chakras of the Earth. It is here, where John Dee and Edward Kelly were given the angels’ alphabet. In Cracow, in the summer of 2014 , we discovered the mysteries of alchemic marriage between macro- and microcosms. This Autumn, we are coming back to Cracow’s magical stage. We are coming back with fireworks, and – as though from a magician’s hat – we are taking one attraction after another. Exciting lectures will be intertwined with great parties. The original workshops will be preceded by  rituals which, until now, were only whispered about.  Different countries, different traditions, different approaches will meet in Cracow for one purpose, which is to give you experiences that will be worth remembering, experiences that will transform your mind. Come on your own responsibility, for we cannot guarantee that you will return home as the same people that you came.

As during the previous conference, we suggest that, afterwards, you stay for a longer holiday in Cracow. It is an extremely popular city, so we recommend you to book places in hotels and aeroplane tickets a long time before you visit. On our website, you will be able to find a  list of local hostels and hotels, along with  links that will lead you to the necessary information.

Languages at the conference:
Polish and English

Below you will find detailed programme (although we might add to it) as well as introductions to lectures, workshops, rituals and our speakers together with information about payments and hotels in Cracow.

If you are underaged and you are interested in attending the conference, you are welcome in the company of a parent or adult carer. If this is not possible – please bring with you written parental consent.


All lectures and workshops are constructed in such a way that both beginners and seasoned practitioners can find something for themselves.

15.00 – Welcome and opening of the conference
15.30 – 17.00 Baphomet as a tour guide to transformation of mind: lecture inc pathworking (Agni i Mike Keeling)
17.15 – 18.30 – Magic life of Dion Fortune i introductions to the Sea Priestess Ritual: lecture (Melissa Harrington)
18.30 – 19.00 break and ritual preparation
19.00 – 20.00 Ritual: Sea Priestess (Melissa Harrington)
21.00  – PUB afterparty

09.30 – 11.00 Opus Magnum: lecture and workshop (Wayland Smith)
11.35 – 12.30 Carl Jung for Pagans and Occultists: lecture (Vivianne i Chris Crowley)
12.30 – 13.30 Lunch
13.30 – 15.30 Hermetyzm i Hermetic Meditation: workshop inc pathworking (Rufus Harrington)
15.45 – 17.15 Treading the spiral maze; changing consciousness in Initiatory Wiccan Ritual: lecture (Melissa Harrington)
17.5 1– 17.45 Break and ritual preparation
17.45 – 19.0 Ritual: Opus Magnum (Wayland Smith)
21.00 –  Mask Ball

10.15 – 11.15 Bartzabel Working: Evocation of the Spirit of Mars, lecture (Krzysztof Azarewicz)
11.30 – 13.00 – Rytual: Evocation of the Spirit of Mars (Krzysztof Azarewicz)

Introduction to lectures, workshops and rituals

Bartzabel Working: Evocation of the Spirit of Mars

Performed by members of O.T.O. Poland with an Introduction by Krzysztof Azarewicz

The Bartzabel Working is an advanced magical ceremony performed by Aleister Crowley and his friends in 1910. It is based on traditional Solomonic Magic but the spirit, instead of manifesting in the smoke of incense, enters the body of one of the Officers who is literally possessed in the Triangle of Art. In Crowley’s case the ritual was very successful as Bartzabel predicted two wars which broke out 5 years later. Join us in working up the magical enthusiasm through the exhilaration induced by music of poetry and hear what Spirit of Mars can tell us about world we live today.

Ritual of Opus Magnum: The Alchemical Great Work 

Alchemy and its symbolism lie at the heart of the Western Mysteries, and its practices are implicit in much of what we do in our magical traditions. But how does one actually DO Alchemy, and how do we work with it in ritual? This workshop (and accompanying ritual in the evening) will explore these questions in a thoroughly practice-oriented fashion. The workshop will explain the basic principles of alchemy, and will discuss how to work with them in ritual.  We’ll touch briefly on the history and philosophy of alchemy, and then concentrate on one approach to the Alchemical Great Work, its three phases (Black, White, and Red), and those phases’ seven planetary operations, each of which presents a specific spiritual exercise we can ritualize and integrate into our lives and spiritual paths. The workshop will prepare us directly for the ritual in the evening, so attendance at the workshop is required if you want to participate in the ritual. Every ritual participant will have an active role in the ritual, and may need just a bit of prep time in the afternoon, as we will be breaking into groups, with each group responsible, with guidance, for ritualizing one part of the Alchemical Great Work (you will learn how to do this in the workshop). So for all who are interested, let’s have a go at the Alchemical Great Work, The Opus Magnum, right in Krakow, one of Europe’s most magical cities! 🙂

In this ritual will put alchemical principles into practice through a Ceremonially-based ritual. During the ritual we will begin by opening up to the Shadow, continue by calling forth the Light, and then proceed step-by-step through the seven operations of Alchemy to, hopefully, produce the Philosopher’s Stone and transform the Shadow into Light, a process popularly symbolized by the image of turning Lead into Gold. Every ritual participant will have an active role in the ritual, and will also likely need just a bit of prep time in the afternoon. We will be breaking into groups, with each group responsible for ritualizing one part of the Alchemical Great Work (you will learn how to do this in the workshop). So for all who are interested, let’s have a go at the Alchemical Great Work, the Opus Magnum, right in Krakow, one of Europe’s most magical cities!  🙂

Carl Jung for Pagans and Occultists 

Carl Jung’s vision of the spiritual transformation of humankind has been a major influence on the development of contemporary Paganism and magic. His notions of the self, shadow, anima and the collective unconscious have a deep resonance for occultists and esotericists. This illustrated talk will explore and explain the enduringly influence of Jung’s ideas, their impact on pioneering thinkers such as Aleister Crowley, Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente, and the influence of his ideas on the spiritual paths that many of us practise today.

Treading the spiral maze; changing consciousness in Initiatory Wiccan Ritual.

The occult traditions have long taught that magic is congruent with religion, and that ritual can be used to facilitate enduring transformative spiritual experience, and connection to the divine. The philosophy and praxis can be traced through hermetic texts such as the corpus Hermeticum and beyond this to Ancient Greek and Egyptian philosophy.  Practitioners of Modern Pagan Witchcraft employ virtually the same techniques as those described in such texts as Cornelius Agrippa’s De Occulta Philosophia, completed in 1510, and first published in London in 1651. Prototypes of the ritual practice of modern day Witches are clearly described in the ancient grimoire traditions.  This paper describes Wicca’s use of simple magical ritual to cause a change in consciousness that is a psycho-spiritual journey from mundane consciousness to magico-religious trance, and back again, that has profound and prolonged effects on practitioners.

Sea Priestess Ritual

This introduction will discuss the magical life and vision of Dion Fortune, and the transmission of magical current through to contemporary Wicca from the Golden Dawn. We will examine her ideology and use of place, incense, psychology, polarity, invocation, myth and kabala in her rituals and books The Sea Priestess and Moon Magic. The ritual and its intent, poetry and actions will be discussed.

The Sea Priestess ritual uses much loved text from the magical novels of Dion Fortune, an initiate of the Golden Dawn and the founder of The Society of the Inner Light. It invokes the Goddess in many aspects, “Isis on Heaven, on earth Persephone, Diana of the ways, and Hecate”, and the Great God Pan as her consort. The Goddess is seen as the Initiatrix, and the Great Mother, drawing on potent Kabalistic imagery and poetry to bring her magic into the consciousness of the worshipper. In this rite we will work as in some ceremonial lodges to commune with the Goddess, and draw her healing powers into our consciousness and to the greater collective unconscious of humankind. The ceremony will be performed robed, any robe will do, but you may like to bring one in white,  sea colours or colours that speak of the moon or sphere of Yesod

Hermetic Meditation Workshop – including famous pathworking

Within the Alexandrian tradition of Wiccan Initiation there has been passed down a system of meditation called ‘Hermetics’. The system teaches the inner form to use with ritual practice and teaches students how to build a Temple in their own mind. Building the Temple activates an alchemical magical process in which the consciousness of the student is progressively transformed. The student is taught to activate, and then better balance, the elemental powers within the psyche. The Temple becomes a focus within consciousness, in which to develop the relationship with the Holy Guardian Angel or Higher Self. The Temple becomes a place to explore, and better integrate, the ‘male’ and ‘female’, ‘light’ and ‘dark’ aspects of the soul.

The workshop will provide an introduction to the Hermetic system and give you the opportunity to experience the magic of Hermetic meditation. We will present to you one of the finest and already legendary pathworkings from Temple of Phoenix – this should be not only deep mystical experience leading to transformation but also great fun, sound effects and all J

Baphomet – tour guide to transformation of mind. 

Probably the most enigmatic and controversial figure of modern occultism, Baphomet is the highest expression of a seeming paradox and an embodiment of a quite real union of opposites. For centuries misunderstood, dishonoured, compared to Satan, he was the creature generations of humans feared and felt threatened by. But who really is Baphomet and why is he important? We will present Baphomet as a map and a guide to the initiatory journey through the Cabalistic Tree of Life and during the pathworking, remaining true to his nature of Solve and Coagula, we will take him and ourselves apart and then put back together on the journey that hopefully will lead to transformation of mind.

About the speakers:

Vivianne and Chris Crowley

Vivianne and Chris CrowleyDr Vivianne Crowley and Chris Crowley are international teachers  of spiritual psychology, meditation, ritual magic and Wicca. They are the authors of many books including Your Dark Side, The Natural Magician, Carl Jung: Journey of Transformation and Wicca. Chris was formerly President of The Pagan Federation. Vivianne is an academic researcher and professor of psychology of religion.


Melissa Harrington


Melissa is a Wiccan High Priestess, initiate of the western mystery tradition, and an ordained priestess of the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica. She is a senior lecturer at the University of Cumbria where she teaches cognitive behavioural psychology. Her PhD focussed on the sociology and psychology of religion, particularly Paganism, so she continues to write, research, publish and present in that area. She is most interested in Wicca as a devotional priesthood, the growth in esoteric religion in modernity, and in the construction and effect of ritual. She is also a full time mum and balances her work with devotion to the path of the hearth fire, and celebrating the sacred in everyday life. Some of her non academic papers on Paganism have been uploaded to Wiccański Krąg and recent research on folklore and anti pagan propaganda can be found on Urban Folklore. She can be seen with Rufus at the unveiling of the plaque to commemorate Doreen Valiente, and in a televised Wiccan circle with Vivianne and Chris, and Mike and Agni et al (some years ago, starts at 2 mins 42 secs).

Rufus Harrington


Rufus was initiated 30 years ago into Alexandrian Wicca by initiates of Alex and Maxine Sanders, where he discovered Enochian magic, and then spent years studying the original diaries of John Dee in the British library. He was later initiated into Gardnerian Wicca and the Bricket Wood coven, as well as the OTO, and participated in various other magical groups in his lifetime in magic. He is the founder of the Temple of the Phoenix a Wiccan magical order, which teaches Hermetics, Wicca, and the psychological skills that can help initiates survive the practice of magic. He works the Enochia in the Temple of Flame. He is a consultant cognitive behavioural psychotherapist, which he sees as a calling due to his commitment to helping people as a priest and healer. He is a Senior University lecturer and M.Sc. Course Director. He has trained over 200 psychotherapists in the dark arts of cognitive behavioural therapy. Rufus is a former vice president of the Pagan Federation, and a trustee of the Doreen Valiente Foundation.

Weyland Smith

Wayland is a Wiccan high priest, Alchemical Seeker, and a long time practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga. His explorations into Alchemy began at the very beginning of his spiritual path, in the early 90’s, and continued with studies with the International Alchemy Guild and further experimentation within the Wiccan and yogic frameworks, culminating in the development of a practical method of ritualising the operations of the Alchemical Great Work. He has served as a PFI National Coordinator and in his professional life works as a teacher in Vienna, Austria.

Krzysztof Azarewicz


Krzysztof is a co-founder and director of Lashtal Press who has translated the works of Aleister Crowley, Austin O. Spare, Jack Parsons, Stanisław Grof and many others into Polish. He is a co-author of 'Confessions of a Heretic’, a book-length interview with Adam Nergal Darski and has written several essays on Thelema, Magic, Tarot and Alchemy that were translated into English, French and Spanish. Krzysztof is also a member of Ordo Templi Orientis and its Translator’s Guild. He travels extensively with his partner, Ania, exploring magical realms of existence, from the Tibetan plateau, through the pyramids and deserts of Northern Africa, to the occult scenes of Berlin, London and New York.

Mike and Agni Keeling


Mike was initiated into Wicca i 1992 by Viviane and Chris Crowley. Agni was initiated year later in Norway but soon after she moved to England and joined English Wiccan family. They lead covens since 2000 and since 2008 they are active in Poland.  In addition to coven work they co-organise Polish conferences and workshops.


There are a limited number of places on the conference and the places will be assigned according to the sequence of applications. A place is confirmed only after the advance or full payment has been paid until 30th of April. The amount of the payment covers lectures, workshops and rituals on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, along with the masked ball on Saturday night. The cost of the ticket for the ball covers a buffet and a coupon for a drink. We do not cover the costs of hotels, food (except for the ball) and drinks (except the one for a coupon).

The cost of the participation in the conference is 250 zlotys. It is a special price for those who will pay before the 30th of April. For those who will pay after the 30th of April, the cost is 280 zlotys.
250zł = £55 = 60 Euro
280zł = £60 =70 Euro
(exchange rate from 06.03.17 – please check the exchange rate on the day of payment)

The place is guaranteed after the advance payment has been paid, which is fifty percent of the price, and it must be paid before 30th of April. The rest of the costs should be paid until 31st of July. The advance payment will not be returned.

For those who wish to pay in Polish currency, please send the money via PayPal on our e-mail address: The PayPal cost is paid by the person who sends the money. PLEASE NOTE that the cost of the transfer from the foreign currency is 10 zlotys and it is taken from the money sent in the transfer! Please remember about adding the additional 10 zlotys to it. When paying in Polish currency please add 5 zlotys as it is the amount of money that is taken by PayPal.

For people from the other European countries we created the possibility to pay via TransferWise, which appeared to be the easiest and least costly international way for sending money. Please send money on our E-mail address:

There is also a possibility to pay for the conference, using a regular bank transfer. The necessary details can be found on our Internet Website. The bank account number: 19 1090 1043 0000 0001 3005 9079. For the payments from outside of Poland: IBAN number: PL19 1090 1043 0000 0001 3005 9079 SWIFT code (BIC code) BZ WBK is: WBKPPLPP

In you have questions or if you need to pay for the conference in the other form than those we proposed, please contact us via our E-mail:


Below is a list of cheap yet comfortable hostels and hotels in the centre of Kraków. Most hostels and hotels shown below are approximately 10 mins walk from the Old Town, a few are a bit further. Hostels are of good standard, clean, have rooms with bathrooms, televisions, tea and coffee making facilities, free wifi and some rent bicycles for free. In some of them it is possible to have breakfast at extra cost. Rooms are clean and you can choose from one or two person rooms with single or double beds to bigger rooms which can be shared between 4, 6 or 8 people and in the case of some hostels even 10 or 12. Prices shown below are per person per night but in a few instances they are per room. We give you the prices in Polish, English and European currency but the exchange rate is only approximate and is subject to change. We have provided links to the hotels’ websites: you will find that each of these hotels have an English version of their website and some of them have more language versions.

NB: pppn = per person per night
prpn = per room per night


  • Moon Hostel – rooms 1 – 6 people.
    6 people room – 42 zł/pppn (£8.30, €9,77)
    2 people room – 142 zł/prpn (£28, €33.02)
  • Hostel Fryderyk – rooms 1 – 6 rented only as whole
    6 people room – 45 zł/pppn (£7.10, €10.47) or 270 zł for whole room (£42.7, €62.80)
    2 people room – 55 zł/ pppn (£10.90, €12.80) or 110 zł for whole (£21.74, €25.60)
  • Hostel Premium – rooms 2, 4 and 8 people
    2 people room – 100 zł/pppn (£19.80, €23.25)
    4 people room – 75 zł/pppn (£14.82, €17.44)
    8 people room – 60 zł/pppn (£ 11.86, €13.95)
  • Hostel Cinnamon – rooms 1- 6
    1 person room – 90 zł/prpn (£17.80, €20.93)
    2 people room– 100 zł/prpn (£19.80, €23.25)
    3 people room – 130 zł/prpn (£25.70, €30.23)
    4 people room – 150 zł/prpn (£29.60, €8.11)
  • Hostel Atlantis – rooms 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 people
    2 people room – 75 zł/pppn (£14.82, €17.44)
    6 people room – 50zł/pppn (£9.90, €11.63)
    10 people room – 45 zł/pppn (£8.90, €10.47)
  • Hostel Dizzy Daisy – rooms 2,3,4,8,10 and 12 people, studio: two double rooms with one shared bathroom.
    2 people room (studio) – 80 zł/pppn (£15.80, €18.60)
    2 people room – 95 zł/pppn (£18.80, €22.10)
    12 people room – 50 zł/pppn (£9.90, €11.63)
  • Yellow Hostel
    8 persons for 30 zł/pppn (£5.93, €6.98)
    6 persons for 33 zł/pppn (£6.50, €7.67)
    4 persons for 36 zł/pppn (£7.15, €8.37)
    3 persons for 50 zł/pppn (£9.90, €11.63)
    2 persons (twin) for 65 zł/pppn (£12.85, €15.11)

More hostels can be found here:


  • Student Hotels – 4 hotels with hostel prices, maybe buildings are not as attractive as in the Old Town but worth considering.
    1 person room with own bathroom – 95zł/prpn (£19, €22)
    1 person room with shared bathroom – 60 zł/prpn (£ 12, €14)
    2 people room with own bathroom – 130 zł/prpn (£25.70, €30.23)
    2 people room with shared bathroom – 90 zł/prpn (£17.80, €20,93)
    3 people room with own bathroom – 150 zł/prpn (£29.60, €34.89)
  • Biała Gwiazda – rooms 1-4 people
    2 person room – 90 zł/prpn (£17.80, €20.93)
    2 person room – 120 zł/prpm (£23.71, €27.91)
    3 people room – 140 zł/prpn (£27.70, €32.56)
    4 people room – 160 zł/prpn (£ 31.60, €37.21)
    Studio – 180 zł/prpn (£35.60, €41.9)
    Breakfast at additional 18 zł. (£3.50, €4.19)
  • Hotel Pollera – rooms 1-3 people
    1 person room – 299 zł/prpn (£659, €69.53)
    2 people room – 399 zł/prpn (£78.85, €92.80)
    3 people room – 480 zł/prpn (£94.90, €111.63)
    Apartment – 495 zł/papn (£97.80, €115.12)

More Hotels here:


It is also possible to rent an apartment for 4 or 6 people at a similar cost to a hotel or even cheaper. These are located in the centre of town and are of high standard.

  • Apartamenty 'Zasypiam Kraków’ from 48 zł/pppn. (£9.49, €11.16)
  • Apartamenty 'Prestige’
    1-2 osoby person room – 249 zł/prpn (£49.21,  €57.91)
    3 osoby person room – 289 zł/prpn  (£57.11, €67.21)
    4 osoby person room – 329 zł/prpn (£65.02, €76.51)  ( website only in polish language but staff speaks english and german )
  • Aparatamenty 'Nocny Kraków’
    from 130 zł (£25.70, €30.23) for a two person apartment
    and 180 zł (£35.60, €41.90) for a four person apartment.